Viola Job – String Quartet Violist – United States

Performance, with Renovare. A professional string quartet is in formation whose vision is to bring hope and healing through music primarily to individuals and communities in need through performances of the highest artistic standard. Renovare is to be a quartet of Christian believers working in supportive community to help usher in the Kingdom of God through the use of their musical and spiritual gifts in places where they’re needed most.

Joining Renovare will be an entrepreneurial opportunity. While fundraising is already underway, compensation will ultimately be dependent upon the corporate efforts of each ensemble member. This is a 1 year, part-time position (paid per concert), with the possibility of becoming a permanent position. It is hoped that the pursuit of Renovare’s mission will become the long-term endeavor of a world-class ensemble, with an increased time commitment as funding increases. Founding members of Renovare will ideally be aspiring to make it the central feature of their professional work

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