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Trumpet Job – Associate Principal Trumpet – China

Performance, with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. Closing date: 31 Oct 2018Required Audition Repertoire
1. First Round – DVD submission (Applicant may choose to record 1 movement of a concerto and 3 contrasting orchestral excerpts of your choice). Submitted recordings have to be video, audio recordings will disqualify the applicant and not be considered.
2. Second Round – Live Audition, including:
1) Two solo pieces of the applicant’s choice, including:
a) One piece from Classical or Baroque period (Violins, Woodwinds, and French Horns must choose one of Mozart’s works).
b) One piece from Romantic period.
2) Sight Reading of orchestral excerpts

How to Apply
1. Download the application form at https://ift.tt/1VNfN4K
2. Mail the application form and DVD to Human Resources, 1380 Middle Fuxing Road, Shanghai, China. Postcode 200031 OR email to audition@shsymphony.com

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Trumpet Job – Principal Trumpet – China

Performance with Suzhou Symphony Orchestra. Closing date: 31 Dec 2018Inaugurated in December 2016, the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra is one of China’s most dynamic and youthful orchestras, composed of musicians representing 20 countries/regions with a superb combination of skill and experience. Situated in Suzhou, a city with ancient idyll and modern vibrancy, the Orchestra has thrived rapidly in its scope of operations and programming. In concert with its expansion efforts, the Orchestra invites musicians all over the world to join.

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Trumpet Job – Orchesterakademie des hr-Sinfonieorchesters Stipendiat(in) Tro… – Germany

Performance, with Frankfurt Radio Symphony. Probespieltermin: 06.03.2019

J. Haydn:Trompetenkonzert in Es-Dur auf Deutscher B-Trompete
L. v.Beethoven: Leonore-Signale
G. Bizet:Carmen – Signal und Vorspiel
B. Bartok:Konzert f. Orchester (1. Satz, 2. Trp. ab Takt 328 und 5. Satz,2.Trp. ab Takt 201 und ab 556)
G. Mahler:Sinfonie Nr. 5
M. Mussorgsky:Bilder einer Ausstellung
M. Ravel:Klavierkonzert G-Dur
R. Strauss:Ein Heldenleben (2. Trp. in B ab 42 bis 3. Takt nach 62)
I. Strawinsky:Petruschka (Tanz und 2. Trp. ab 265)
R. Wagner:Parsifal

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Trumpet Job – Second Trumpet – Macao

Performance with The Macao Orchestra. Closing date: 28 Oct 2018Macao Orchestra welcomes applications from experienced professional musicians.
i. Completed at least one tertiary level musical degree (e.g. Bachelor of Music) in an institution of international repute.
ii. Be able to participate in English-language rehearsals.
iii. All other conditions being equal, preference will be given to holders of Macao Identity Cards.

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