Saxophone Job – Saxophone/Clarinet – Sweden

Performance, with The Östgöta Wind Ensemble/Östgötabandet. Closing date: 28 Aug 2018The Östgöta Wind Ensemble and Östgötabandet is a part of Östgötamusiken, the county music organisation of Östergötland. Östgötamusiken is located in Linköping, Sweden and has 17 full-time musicians. As a musician in Östgötamusiken you are a full time musician, which includes rehearsals, preparations and concerts with The Östgöta Wind Ensemble and Östgötabandet. Your main focus in Östgötabandet will be playing the tenor saxophone and the baritone saxophone. We expect you to be able to improvise. In Östgöta Wind Ensemble your main focus will be playing the bass clarinet and also the clarinet and the saxophone. Music Director Christoffer Nobin.

Click for more information Some saxophone jobs may occasionally be posted in the “Clarinet jobs” category. You may wish to check that too. 😉

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