Executive Management Job – General Director – United States

Office, with Opera Theatre of Saint Louis. Closing date: 31 Jan 2018For the complete announcement, please write to Christopher Wingert at cwingert@catherinefrenchgroup.com. The General Director is the chief executive officer of OSTL and reports to the Board of Directors. S/he will combine a passion for opera with a proven record of success as a visionary leader and a skilled manager of people, projects, and organizations. S/he will be thoroughly knowledgeable about artists and repertoire, and experienced in producing opera with a professional company working collaboratively under multiple union arrangements. S/he will have excellent financial management skills and be an enthusiastic fundraiser. S/he will be aware of the challenges facing American opera companies today and have a track record for developing productive partnerships with other opera companies as well as arts and community organizations. S/he will have the creativity, charisma, and strength of personality to unite multiple constituencies in a creative environment.

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